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Aug 6 2013, 1:38 AM See Page
Reminds me of when I posted a collection of my old and crappy Mario fangames.

Mine was declined with this message:
"MFGG is not your dumpyard.
If there are some good games in this, please bother to make a unique submission for all of those."
Aug 6 2013, 1:36 AM See Page
Christ the difficulty ramps up quickly!
Aug 6 2013, 1:33 AM See Page
Quote (Roo on Aug 6 2013, 12:58 AM)
What are you suggesting then? I've already said that I'll have a difficulty setting and I'm not really sure what you want me to do about the required precision. Do you often complain about crossword puzzles because they contain "too many words"?

The required precision is incredibly steep, as I couldnt even pass the tutorial. At first, it was because of the annoyance of having to bounce the football up high so it can hit the switch. Then, it was the frustration I experienced trying to throw the ball through the gap afterwards.

What crossword puzzles have to do with this is beyond my knowledge.
Aug 6 2013, 12:05 AM See Page
Quote (Roo on Aug 5 2013, 11:56 PM)
How was this review accepted? I'm all for differing viewpoints but when the whole review is basically "WHY ISN'T THIS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED", I truly have to wonder what I could change in the game to make the score higher.

The very least you could do was not rely on pure precision and high difficulty. Kinda figured you'd get that.
Aug 5 2013, 4:01 PM See Page
Quote (Roo on Aug 5 2013, 8:07 AM)
When did I ever say it was going to be anything like that?

Well, you could have given hints.
First off, you have CHARGIN CHUCK as the playable character. That doesn't scream "puzzles!"

Second off, you have no mention of the latter. Instead, you leave us with the description: Chuck has to go stop Mario. What was I going to expect from that?
Aug 5 2013, 3:36 AM See Page
Things like the hourglass don't seem to have improved much.

And the time machine itself is incredibly jarring between the original pipe piece and the machine. Compared to the pipe, the machine still looks 8-bit!
Aug 5 2013, 3:35 AM See Page
Where did THIS come from? e.O
Aug 5 2013, 3:34 AM See Page
This looks more like ice cream than snow. Whether or not this is a good thing is up to you.
Aug 5 2013, 3:32 AM See Page
What happened? I thought this was gonna be a rad action-platformer! Instead, I got a tedious puzzle trial and error platformer...
Aug 3 2013, 3:50 AM See Page
Quote (lu9 on Aug 3 2013, 2:54 AM)
Oh, Jack, BTW, I'm doing already the stuff people suggested in reviews.
So I needed to know, what logo did you mean to change? The game's logo, Teh Lu9 Prod Logo, or Lu9 Fangaming Logo?

One of the lu9 logos. If I remember correctly, it had sprites all over it or something, with some bad writing
Aug 1 2013, 4:16 PM See Page
Quote (LSF Games on Aug 1 2013, 7:56 AM)
but telling the game sucks doesn't help the creator to improve

I'm going to assume you haven't read the entire review and went straight to the Replay critique, as I'm pretty sure I've stated a good amount of problems with the game that the creator can fix.

Quote (LSF Games on Aug 1 2013, 7:56 AM)
Another point: Check his submissions first! It's his FIRST submission.

Notice I was being "less harsh" on Crump's Revenge, because that game did have some polish, just not executed well. This game is largely unpolished, so I can't tell if the creator was really making that much of an effort. Plus, if you've read his description, he advertises another game he's made. So this clearly isn't his first.
Aug 1 2013, 12:28 AM See Page
I still have to wait til August :(

Tis a disappointing time for North America to not receive the game until then.
Jul 29 2013, 9:52 PM See Page
Definitely! Very good!
Jul 26 2013, 3:01 AM See Page
Quote (VinnyVideo on Jul 25 2013, 10:01 PM)
Please add a high scores system, and replace Comic Sans with a real Mario font, and you'll have a nice little minigame.

And ramp up difficulty.
Jul 25 2013, 9:16 PM See Page
That's awfully generous for an arcade-style game lacking a highscore board and a change in difficulty.
Jul 25 2013, 8:49 PM See Page
Yeeeeaaaaah, um.....¶m=02&c=3&id=28727&gid=2108

This is the review you people really want to see. This one was from when I was younger/stupid.
Jul 25 2013, 8:42 PM See Page
My apologies to everyone that's come across this review. This was when I was, like, 10 or something, and I hardly knew any better. Literally.¶m=02&c=3&id=28728&gid=4249

So here's my new review on this game, which is not the absolute train wreck this one was.
Jul 25 2013, 8:37 PM See Page
Jul 25 2013, 2:20 PM See Page
If you play the game straight from the zip folder, it's bound to crash.
Jul 22 2013, 4:42 PM See Page
Actually, there's a hack of SMB1 that basically turns it into SMB Special. So superstar is...the third? To "remake" this?
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