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Old software, new features!
Jun 23 2019, 3:34 PM

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Howdy there, folks! I do apologize if y'all had issues with our site recently. Admittedly, I was working on the back end of the site software and may missed some typos in my codes. Of course, the main site software (TCSMS) hasn't been updated for almost a decade, so I stepped in and gave it an overhaul. Luckily, Retriever II himself assisted me with some of the coding.

Anyway, here's all the new features of the updated software:
  • A page for viewing all of the comments from a selected user.
  • Fixed the submission update system (as mentioned on my previous update).
  • Improved sorting system.
  • Improved average review score system (reviews that are in the queue or deleted will no longer counted).
  • Submission upload bar (some features, like error messages, are not implemented for now).
  • User avatar is now embedded in the comments, profile page, and user preferences!
  • Added profile links for Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Steam, and Reddit.
  • Sadly, the obsoleted AIM, YIM, and MSN profile links are removed.
  • Implemented a like/dislike system

With that out of the way, enjoy our recent submission updates!

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario Sandbox
[Platform] By MightySlurm
Create and play awesome and unique Super Mario Bros levels in this sandbox game inspired by Super Mario ...
Thumbnail Mors's Old Fangame Collection
[Platform] By Mors
A collection of 5 old fangames I've made between 2010 and 2013!

None of these games were ...
Thumbnail Minus World Visual Novel
[Other] By gothgirlgangblastermaster
Created by the sexy and intelligent folks at Minus Dot World.
Join Mario as he learns about friendship, ...
Hacks, Mods
Thumbnail Bowsette Jr. (DK Jr. Rom Hack)
[OTHER (Please Specify)] By Kazufox
Bowsette has been kidnapped and it's up to Bowsette Jr. to save the day! Can she rescue her mother ...
SMW - Birdo By TheGreatBocaj
Mouser in SMW By SuperMarioSpriter
Mekabon and Gunion mlss By mario34709
Custom 'Bomb' and 'Football' powerups By Gatete
Super Mario 3D World 8-Bit Sprites By KingGeoshiKoopshi64, Machow8
Custom SMW - NSMB Sewer Tiles By Gatete
SMM2 Sprites All Stars-Styled By CardBoardBox
Cookies - Yoshi's Cookie (NES) By floppingcheepcheep
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 8-Bit Sprites By KingGeoshiKoopshi64, Machow8
GameBoy Mario Sprites By Evan.F
YI Parakarry By SuperMarioSpriter
YI Goombario By SuperMarioSpriter
Mario in Wario Land 2 By Linkstorm Z
Neweegee-styled Waluigi sprite sheet By igotanewaccountomg

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Submission guidelines and Comment rules update!
Jun 18 2019, 10:23 PM

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Alongside the staff role changes, we are also doing a revision of the Comment Rules and the Submission Guidelines.

We suggest you that you read them by clicking the following links below or by using the navigation menu at the left of this page.


Keep in mind that any submission that violates the submission guidelines will be declined.

And speaking of updates, here some updates for you.

Recent Additions

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A green cat has joined the party!
Jun 14 2019, 8:05 PM

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Hello there fellow MFGGers!

First of all, let me present myself.

I'm Gatete, and I'm one of the new staff members here at MFGG. I'll be taking care of the submission queue. In addition, Fun with Despair is now a forum admin, Mors is now a Global Moderator and a Site Developer, and Vitiman is now a Main Site Admin.

We have also made several changes to the staff roles. How things used to work was very confusing, so we've rearranged the roles for better understanding. Check out the forums thread if you want to learn about these changes in detail.


Secondly, due to the nature of Discord and how understaffed it is, we're are looking for new Discord Moderators! If you believe you're a good fit, feel free to fill out the form linked below!


And lastly, we are running a SMB3 level design contest in collaboration with the Super Mario Flashback Discord server. If you haven't entered it yet, follow this link below to find how to participate.


And that's all for now! To those who are applying for the Discord Moderator position, I wish you best of luck!
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E3 2019 and such
Jun 11 2019, 5:44 AM

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Nintendo's E3 Direct is happening tomorrow! Unfortunately, I have work to catch so that's off the table for me, but you guys will hopefully get some sweet new game announcements!

In addition, I am pleased to announce that the main site "Update History" box for the submissions are fixed! What you write in the "Reason" textbox will now appear in "Update History". It's nothing much but we'll always try to improve the community - one step at a time. Even simple stuff like this matters in the long run.

With that out of the way, here are your regularly scheduled new submissions:

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Ultimate Mega Man
[Platform] By Syaxamaphone
A very old fan game I originally uploaded to some long-dead fan game site in 2005. I recently went back ...
Thumbnail Toadette's Sweets Gallery
[Platform] By Hello
The Sweets Gallery is an exhibit full of magical dessert paintings containing worlds within them. The ...
Thumbnail Crash Nitro Golf
[Sports] By Jack-of-All Games
Tying in with the Crash Bandicoot releases on Game Boy Advance in 2003, Crash Nitro Golf was a browser ...
Thumbnail Mega Man Maker
[Action] By WreckingGoomba
Jump, shoot, create! Mega Man Maker is a fan game all about creating your own Mega Man levels and sharing ...
Thumbnail GBWare
[Minigame] By FabianLC
A Wario Ware clone made for the Joke Game Competition #2 Gamin' on my boy.

Linux and ...
Thumbnail Tree Top Token Game
[Minigame] By Jack-of-All Games
All Pac-Man wants to do is dance! Hop across a row of platforms to collect Pac-Dots and avoid ghosts! ...
[Edits] - SMB1 Mario/Luigi Refresh By KirbyLover2048
SMM2 Desert Theme(SMB1) + Custom Sprites By ProCraftDee(PCD)
SMB1 Donkey Kong Sheet By TyrougeYoshi
Rocky Wrench By OmegaF.
Cookies - Yoshi's Cookie (SNES) By floppingcheepcheep
SMB - Custom Tileset By xXEmmanXx
Wario-Man in Wario Land 4 Style By Misteryt1MFGG
Angry Sun By OmegaF.
SMM2 - SMB Direct 5.15.19 Items By xXEmmanXx
SMM2 - Angry Sun and Moon Rips By Ostrich101
Kab-Bomb By OmegaF.
Boo By OmegaF.
MLSS King K. Rool Sprites Sheet. By Chrispriter
Custom Series - Mo Items Palette Changes + SMM2 Versions By xXEmmanXx
Custom Series - Blocks n' Stuffs Minor Changes + Palette Changes By xXEmmanXx
2BITS: SMB1 Scuttlebug (Old and New) By ProCraftDee(PCD)
SM64 Bully SMB3 Styled By BullyWithAHat
Mario's Early Years (DOS) Luigi in SMW Style By Misteryt1MFGG
Lady Bow By OmegaF.
SMB1 Mario - M4RI0's style By M4RI0
Custom Basic SMB Tiles By RandomllyinYT
SMB2 Donkey Kong Sheet By TyrougeYoshi
Mario Doomsday (Flash Game): Mario Sprites By Misteryt1MFGG
SMB - Custom Mario & Luigi By xXEmmanXx, KGK64, GamerMakerGuy, AwesomeZack
Mario Sunshine Outfit (Super Mario World-Style) By JMTeen
Mario Doomsday (Flash Game): Tiles and Items By Misteryt1MFGG
Nabbit in SMB3 By SuperMarioSpriter
Mario Doomsday (Flash Game): Backgrounds By Misteryt1MFGG
NES and GB Luigis By hdtv
SMM2 new enemy list -All Koopalings and many more enemies for SMB1, SMB3 & SMW By sunsoftdev101
Damarioman's Custom Assortment of Baddies By DamariomanII
Sounds, Music
Urban Champion - Urban Fighter By MC Jimmy
Dig Dug - Fighting Dirty By MC Jimmy
Bomberman - Beat Down Bomber By MC Jimmy
Pro Wrestling - Grappling Guru By MC Jimmy
Castlevania Medley - Castlepainia By MC Jimmy
Kid Niki : Radical Ninja - Badical By MC Jimmy
Metroid - Kraidial Damage By MC Jimmy

Stay tuned for more announcements!
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