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[DL] Nova's Yoshi Sprite (2014 Edition) By: Hypernova [W]
I made it because I'm hungry. Originally from Secret Santa 2013 about my 2nd evil ref (Roushi) but I edit/added more animations. Though I might not be the best animator but this is hard work for me, please give credits.
Downloads: 5008
Added: 12/23/13
[DL] Supernova's Gameboy Mini-Collection By: Hypernova [W]
A small collection of my GB sprites. As seen in my Typical Mario Game 1/8.
Downloads: 5061
Added: 08/06/13
[DL] Custom Yoshi's Story Fruits By: Hypernova [W]
I made this tiny sprite sheet for a minigame competition. But I lost effort so here it is. Feel free to use them.
Downloads: 4754
Added: 07/24/13
[DL] Supernova's Toad By: Hypernova [W]
Another tiny sprite sheet from Mario & Luigi vs the Furbies. But this time feel free to use it but DO NOT STEAL!!!
Downloads: 4477
Added: 04/25/13
[DL] Supernova's Luigi By: Hypernova [W]
Sorry for me taking so long upload this but my own version of Luigi (2012) is here!

Also includes map Luigi and exclusively map Mario!!
Downloads: 4784
Added: 04/24/13
[DL] Dan Paladin (Alien Hominid) styled Luigi By: Hypernova [W]
Made for a sprite competition. But ends up not in the final voting session.

Feel free to use & don't steal!!!
Downloads: 4674
Added: 03/15/13
[DL] Supernova's Vector Background (night) By: Hypernova [W]
A nightly theme vector background.

Give credits and DO NOT STEAL!!!
Downloads: 4383
Added: 03/10/13
[DL] Supernova's Vector Background (mushroom) By: Hypernova [W]
Another one made by me! It's good for an athletic or mushroom level.

Give credits and DO NOT STEAL.
Downloads: 4407
Added: 03/09/13
[DL] Supernova's Vector Background By: Hypernova [W]
Inspired by CopperMario, so I made this for a hilly level.

Give credits & DO NOT steal kiddies. :)
Downloads: 4908
Added: 02/28/13
[DL] Supernova's Yoshi By: Hypernova [W]
Yoshi sprite used in Mario & Luigi v the Furbies. Give credits please!
Downloads: 5984
Added: 07/20/12
[DL] Supernova's Mario By: Hypernova [W]
My version of Mario! Part of MFGG sprite competition #9.

Give credits! No stealing!

Update 2011/12/01 Added more poses!
Update 2011/12/18 Added SMB2 poses and finalize the sheet.
Downloads: 6380
Added: 11/23/11
[DL] Edited SMW Mario & Luigi By: Hypernova [W]
An SMW edit+recolor for my Mario fangame: Red Scare.
Downloads: 8326
Added: 09/30/11
[DL] SMA4 HUD rips (CnC Library) By: Hypernova [W]
I made a useful SMA4 HUD library for Click Team 2.0 products from my original rips. No credits needed! But DO NOT steal! Enjoy!
Downloads: 7903
Added: 09/07/11
[DL] Some custom SMB3 styled SMW enemies By: Hypernova [W]
Including phanto from SMB2. Enjoy!
update edited some enemies!
Downloads: 11481
Added: 08/26/11
[DL] SMB3 - Map Yoshi By: Hypernova [W]
The tiny sprite sheet for Yoshi in SMB3 Map screen. No credit needed! Feel free to use it in your game, comic, or video.
Downloads: 6032
Added: 08/25/11
[DL] SMB3 - Leaf Yoshi & Tanooki Yoshi By: Hypernova [W]
SMB3 styled Yoshi in leaf & Tanooki powerup.
I remake the Tanooki powerup from the last submission.

Give credits please!
Downloads: 6316
Added: 08/25/11
[DL] SMB3 - Yoshi (Take 2) By: Hypernova [W]
The remake of my first sprite sheet. Plus 2 new power-ups: fire and hammer. Enjoy!

Give credits please!
Downloads: 8395
Added: 08/25/11
[DL] SMB3 mini Bowser By: Hypernova [W]
Bowser sprite from MLVSTF. 100% made by myself, Give Credits, Don't Steal.
Downloads: 6584
Added: 02/26/10
[DL] SMA4 HUD rips By: Hypernova [W]
Ripped directly from Visual Boy Advance.
Downloads: 8416
Added: 09/07/09
[DL] SMB3 - Tanooki Yoshi By: Hypernova [W]
One of my sprite competetion.
Downloads: 4245
Added: 10/13/08
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