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Game Reviewed Toads vs. Koopas, by Cruise Elroy
Review Author Q-Nova
Created Apr 27 2015, 2:07 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
(Oh dear, how ironic that I'm reviewing the only other entry in the Super Compeition)

Oh no! Bowser's minions are invading, and there is no sign of the Mario Bros (they must be at Brooklyn!). But you can't fear about this, because the Toads are here! Toads vs. Koopas, who will win?

This game is basically Plants vs. Zombies with a Mario theme and a couple new "plant"s. I disliked the original game, but I won't try to be biased or anything like that.
Pros +Almost Bugless
+A couple original "plant"s
Cons -Besides the new "plant"s, it's basically PvZ with different graphics and sounds
-Replay value is almost extinct
-Difficultly curve could use some work
8 / 10
When you see the name, you'll be thinking it's a PvZ clone, and that is correct. However, PvZ is difficult to make, and I've never seen anyone try to make a game like PvZ, so your not losing a big chunk of points for that!

Anyway, you try to prevent Bowser's minions from getting to the other side, by using your Toads and mushrooms. You can get Toads and mushrooms into the grassy street, at the cost of coins (because they have to get payed for their job).

All the Koopas do, is walk to the left. However, if there is a Toad/mushroom in their way, they'll be punching on them. Once the Koopas finish off their Toad/mushroom, they'll continue to move to the left until there's another Toad/mushroom in their way. In case if they are in coin shortage, and the Koopas are heading to Peach's Castle, there is a Yoshi in each row. If a Koopa is very close to a Yoshi, that Yoshi will panic (due to Koophobia) and run to the right, and knock down every Koopa that in it's way. If a Koopa manages to get to Peach's Castle, the castle will be taken down and Bowser shall rule Toad Town, game over!

The Toads/mushrooms and Koopas are just the plants and zombies respectively from the original game. However, there is a couple original mushrooms. One is the Life Mushroom, which heals of the Toads/mushrooms on the grassy street. The other one is the Cheat Mushroom, which is unlocked at the end. You can't place the Cheat Mushroom at the field, but you'll get an endless amount of candy, because you can use cheats! You can collect coins for free, destroy all Koopas on the screen, and more!

There is a bug, which occurs if you hit the "back" button while you are presented with the Cheat Mushroom, but it's not too bad. However, there is a coupe problems I find here, besides the bug I've mentioned earlier. One, is that besides the two new mushrooms, it's just PvZ but with a Mario theme, and smaller. Another one is the difficultly. There is a slight difficultly curve steep, which could have been less steep. However, it's not too bad, as long as you are a very good strategist.
9 / 10
Those graphics man, they are very good. Every single bit of the graphics look good, even though, it can a be little hard to see all of what's going on if the street is filled with Toads, mushrooms, and Koopas (but I think it should be that way). I liked the title screen too, but some of the lines on the mountains are a bit jagged.

The biggest problem with the graphics, is the game over screen. It doesn't fit with the rest of the graphics. The game over appears to be a scanned drawing (without color), without any edits afterwards.
8 / 10
The music is kind of slow paced, which seems to fit. It sounds good, so I don't really have anything interesting to say about the music.

The sounds are taken NSMBWii, and they all belong to the right spot. I haven't any sounds missing, so that's a plus for you. The only sound that isn't from NSMBWii (from what I have heard), is in the game over screen. It's just a person yelling "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" that is taken from the original game, which I believe there is a good replacement for that (like perhaps you can have Peach yelling "NOOOOOOOO!!!", or maybe have Bowser laugh like a maniac).
2 / 10
The biggest problem of the game, is the replay value. The replay value is almost extinct. I would play it again, just to try out the Cheat Mushroom. But besides that, I have no point of playing this game again.
Final Words
8 / 10
If you have to go with one side, then it's the Toads. Because this game is so good.

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Cruise Elroy
Apr 27 2015, 9:09 PM
Thanks for the review! If I do ever decide to create some sort of Toads vs. Koopas 2 (which is actually being planned out as we type) I will make sure that the difficulty curve is a little smoother and make sure that there's a more fitting Game Over screen. Actually on the subject of the GO screen itself, I kind of thought that something colorless and different from the rest of the game would set a (slight) defeated tone.

That's also because I was lazy at that point in development. :P

Also, what exactly was the bug you found with the Cheat Mushroom?
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Apr 27 2015, 10:05 PM
Quote (Blutorus on Apr 27 2015, 9:09 PM)

Also, what exactly was the bug you found with the Cheat Mushroom?

The bug was when I clicked at the "back" button, it restarts the Cheat Mushroom introduction. Not sure if it's really a bug, but it looks like one.
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Cruise Elroy
Apr 27 2015, 10:37 PM
Quote (Q-Nova on Apr 27 2015, 5:05 PM)
The bug was when I clicked at the "back" button, it restarts the Cheat Mushroom introduction. Not sure if it's really a bug, but it looks like one.

Huh. It's supposed to take you back to the main menu, but I didn't experience this bug. Maybe I'll make an update eventually fixing it out and, once again, the difficulty curve. Thanks again!
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