FNAW Tower Defense | Demo
By: WwwWario [W]
In my many years with Clickteam, I've wanted to make a Tower Defense game. This year, I decided to try again, after failed attempts. I began working on this in May (been working on it on average every day for 5 months). And this is the result so far.

FNAW Tower Defense is based on my FNAF fan game series Five Nights at Wario's, with gameplay elements heavily inspired by Bloons TD 6. In FNAW Tower Defense, you purchase Towers (characters) and place them on the track, where they will attack incoming enemies as they try to reach the exit. Every round gets tougher, as new and stronger enemies appear. You earn Coins at the end of each round, and by defeating enemies, to purchase more Towers and upgrade them.

Every Tower has 2 Upgrade Paths, each with 5 Upgrades each - each one more expensive than the last. Every Tower fulfill a different role, so the strategies to win are completely up to you!
I've had a heavy focus on balance (which is extremely hard for a TD game), with adjustments being done for months. And it's not done yet.

This demo of FNAW Tower Defense features:
-10 Towers
-7 different tracks, each with 4 difficulty options
-6 Equipment
-Unlockable skins (for 2 Towers only so far) that are completely randomly generated
-Fully original graphics
-Two game modes
Completion: Scrapped Genre: Puzzle
Franchise: Mario

Update History
11/28/23  Updated format from "demo" to "scrapped".
10/21/23  Updated the build to fix the following:
-Tutorial would soft lock
-Debug was still available
-Overall, an earlier build of the game was uploaded
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Super Piter
Oct 24 2023, 5:27 PM
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Nov 9 2023, 4:09 PM
The legend posts another game! It's been a while :) i'm excited to play this
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