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May 10 2020, 11:43 PM

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Hello everyone! Sorry that I haven't made an update in a while, I've been rather busy lately.

It's struck me that we're already in May. In just a month's time, I'll be wrapping up with university, having come to end of my last year. Those three years really went by quickly... and then it occurred to me that I've also been a member of the site staff for almost three years! Where does all the time go?! It stills feel quite recently that I was promoted.

Yet still, I look forward to what the future May hold for MFGG.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail WarioWareGM Demo
[Minigame] By TheHappyFaceKing
WarioWare remade in GameMaker
Demo includes 15 Microgames

Arrow keys ...
Thumbnail Mario Dash 2 Alpha 1
[Adventure] By bowser2k
This game is Mario Dash 2! This is my first fan game on this site. Your task: Get to the flag to go ...
SMM Series - Functional Platform By mariofan230
Mario Doom skins - HUD mugshots By Missingno123311
Pac-Man Mini Sprite Sheet By Ryan Silberman
Morinaga Pac-Man Mini Sprite Sheets By Ryan Silberman
Mr. Driller Mini Sprite Sheets By Ryan Silberman
Ultimate 8-Bit Toad By LycanSeijin
SMM Series - Cobrat/Snake By mariofan230
SMM2 SMAS SMB3 Update 3.0 Sprites By DryBones512
SMM2 Style SMW Ludwig By Rupert
Ultimate Modern Mario Bros. By LycanSeijin
Super Mario Maker 2 - Mario Map Sprites Big/Fire By MauricioN64
Huey In Super Mario World By hdtv
Mawboi's Pipes By Mawboi
Mario ( Doom Mugshot ) - Doom 1/2 Accurate By Pesky Plumber
Mechakoopa in SMB1 all stars style (1.0) By G-Rex Studio
Ultimate 8-Bit Toadette By LycanSeijin
Super Mario Bros. Game Boy Style By Bubbled
Super Mario World in the style of the Atari 2600 By Guscraft 808 Beta 2.0
Mechakoppa in SMB3 all stars style By G-Rex Studio
Dead SMW Super Mario, Luigi (SMM2), Toad & Toadette (Fire & Cape Included!) By GlacialSiren484
Ultimate 8-Bit Mario Brothers By LycanSeijin
Builder Toad and Builder Toadette By SupritoB
Hatless SMM2 SMW Luigi (With 3.0 Sprites & Extra Hatless Mario Sprites) By GlacialSiren484
Donkey Kong Arcade Mario Enhanced By 125scratch
Lycan's Custom Enemies By LycanSeijin
Donkey Kong Arcade Mario Enhanced - Luigi Edit By Agrera, 125scratch
MLSS Gooigi Sprites Sheet By Chrispriter
Sounds, Music
Mecha Koopa SFX from Super Mario Maker 2 (SMB1, SMB3, SMW) (minus NSMBU) By tarkan809
Tetris Attack Character Voice SFX (OGG format) By Yakibomb
Tetris Attack Character Voice SFX (WAV format) By Yakibomb

Also, our good friend Mors recently launched a Steam page for a cool indie game he's working on called Spectral Escape! You can check it out here!
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Purple Bandit
May 11 2020, 7:52 PM
Hooray! I made it on here ( to me this is means im officially recognized by the major community )
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May 13 2020, 4:13 AM
On a side note. I am waiting for someone to finish making up the resources for my fan game. Since I got nothing to do, I decided to torture myself by looking at the main site codes again.

And then I fixed the duplicate like issues.

Feel free to like my posts as much as you want, it will end up as one. I will give you a free art commission if you managed to get more than 1 like.
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