Review Information
Game Reviewed Super Mario Sketch, by Yoshimaster
Review Author PenguinGeneralakaMoses
Created Apr 26 2004, 1:29 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
The first game with an original concept: Pencil sketches for the graphics. This is what the whole game is about. And don't mistaken this as some Mario-based Paint Program. This is actually a Mario platformer.
Pros Handdrawn graphics, quite literally. And they are good...Yoshimaster is a great artist.
Cons Too bumpy. And not much Mario elements. The only Mario elements there is are Mushrooms, Stars, and Coins.
7 / 10
Classic Mario platformer based engine. That's what makes a true Mario fangame. But the graphics are so bumpy and not straight, which makes collision detection horrible. Levels are too short, too. Other than's better than okay. And there are no passwords, making you start the whole game over.
7 / 10
Like I said, Pencil-Drawn Graphics. But there are no straight lines, which can get REALLY annoying. And the size is too random for every graphics.
5 / 10
Meh, the ones you heard IN EVERY SINGLE GAME. Please read: Rarely Used Mario sounds and music. And I rather hear remixes.
6 / 10
A good time-killer. That's all I have to say.
Final Words
7 / 10
This game is too short to be considered complete. But play this if you want to kill some time. The one game with 100% originality, with pencil-drawn graphics.

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