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Game Reviewed Super Mario Sketch, by Yoshimaster
Created Aug 19 2006, 2:29 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Super Mario Sketch is one of the most original ideas I've seen on MFGG with graphics. Not only is everything drawn by YoshiMaster, but everything is drawn WELL by YoshiMaster. The game is indeed aggrivating, and really glitchy, but the idea and artwork makes you forget all about that. At least it has working goombas, mushrooms, Question blocks, and climbing rope vines. There is no story. Mario is just trailing off through the Mushroom Kingdom, possibly rescuing Peach? I wouldn't know, I couldn't beat the whole thing. XD
Pros -Great handdrawn sketch graphics, completely unique.

-Nice engine with working goombas and other Mario things.

-Little Mario AND Super Mario included.
Cons -Frusterating Levels.

-Glitchy TGF-made Levels.

-Odd working koopas whos shells are dangerous.
6 / 10
Great really, it has a nice engine and nice graphics which make the game funner, and you can get a mushroom to become Super Sketch Mario that works just like the old original Mario games. The tough levels really get aggrivating though, I used to not be able to even beat level one. The koopas are very weird. Jump on them and they turn into weird little shells that instantly will go rolling and will hurt you if you jump on them. The goombas work, at least.
9 / 10
Here's where it all comes down to. All the graphics are hand-dawn by Yoshimaster, and look very well and very nicely done. The level desgin is great and not too bad, but difficult to complete. The only complaint I have is the koopa shells-Are they really supposed to be that small?
5 / 10
Music was nice, SML2 music, TGF MIDI Fanfare, etc. The Sound Effects seemed to be from SMA4 (SMB3) and fit in very well, very nicely. The music picks were fine, but it would've been better if every level had different music.
5 / 10
It's definetely worth the download and a try, but you may get bored of it quite soon and it might end up in your recycle bin. However, later in your life, possibly three weeks later or something two months, you may long to play this game again. If you've got some computer space to spare, you can leave it on your PC for multiple reasons. But its unique-ness is what made me play it so many times, and my longing to know if there are any bosses or if I could beat those evil levels.
Final Words
6 / 10
Super Mario Sketch has outstanding sketched graphics, drawn well by YoshiMaster, but features incredibly hard glitchy levels. The nice engine with make the game kind of fun, along with the drawing of it all, so it's worth a download and/or try if you haven't yet. Very unique.

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