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Game Reviewed Paper Bowser World 3, by toodles_team
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Created Aug 17 2011, 2:03 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
We all know about Paper Bowser World. The trilogy is one of the most popular sets of games on MFGG. Since there aren't going to be any more Paper Bowser World games (at least by Toodles), this game is under a lot of pressure to end the series on a high note. Thankfully, the third installment of PBW is the sequel we've been waiting for.
Pros - Graphics are professional quality and custom
- Music is great
- Several new additions to the series
- Humor is still there
Cons - World 4-4
9 / 10
Being based off of the Bowser sections in Paper Mario 2, PBW has you control Bowser and move him through the levels to accomplish whatever goals he may have. In this game, he wants to capture Peach again. Of course, the excellent humor and fluid controls make this game anything but boring. Besides Bowser's fire breathing and ground pounding, there are a few new gameplay additions, such as the flying sections in Bowser's clown car (why he doesn't just use the clown car the whole game is beyond me). There are also a lot of enemy additions to the trilogy, and the mega bowser powerup is here too. The game is excellent from beginning to end, with one minor flaw: the last world, 4-4. It's a clown car section, and while its not difficult, its tedious if you have to do it more than once. You'll probably have to repeat the section, since in the clown car sections Bowser dies in one hit from anything (well that's why he doesn't always use the clown car) and you have to maneuver around a lot of enemies. Whenever you do make it to the end, you fight the final boss...who dies in one hit. While this fits the humor of the game, it is still very disappointing for me. The ending cutscene was great, but the final level really should be a lot better. In any case, this game is wonderful, and ends the trilogy well.
10 / 10
Custom graphics, which are still based off of the actual graphics from Paper Mario 2. The game has a different look from the first two (I believe Toodles described it on the forums as a "3DS look"). The game definitely looks the best out of the three games, but there are just a few sprites that I think looked better before (goombas come to mind). There is also more variety in how the levels look compared to the other games, which is nice.
9 / 10
The music is ripped straight from Paper Mario games. Some of the music was used in previous PBWs, but there are also some new tunes here. Bowser's grunts and roars are also here, and the sound effects all pack a punch. Also, I'm glad that Toodles used the unused music track from Paper Mario 2 (I believe it plays first in level 1-3).
7 / 10
Sadly, this game is the shortest out of the three games. Not by much, but the fun still ends too quickly, especially since there is no Kammy mode. There is a hidden extra to work for, but you can probably guess what it is, since this extra was in the previous two games.
Final Words
9 / 10
It's sad to see such a wonderful series of games come to a close. PBW 2 did not live up to the high standard of the first game, but I can honestly say that 3 proves Toodles' skill at game making, and PBW 3 is the best game out of the three in my opinion.

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Aug 17 2011, 3:41 PM
Yes, the graphics in this game are based on the visuals from the new Paper Mario 3DS game, including the 2-frame walk cycle for Goombas.

And 1-3 is indeed where the unused song is first heard! Glad you enjoyed that. I thought it sounded sufficiently "Bowser-y!"

Thanks for the review!
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Sep 25 2011, 2:25 PM
I agree about PBW3 being the best in the series, it feels a bit more polished with the nice backgrounds, and balanced with snow world and the shoot'em up stages.
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