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Quote (mayriofen113 on Jun 12 2019, 6:03 PM)
How did you rip these sprites?

I've been taking screenshots from the SMM2 Direct, copying the sprite onto paint.net, scaling them down, then fixing the coloring so that there's no more dithering caused by the video's compression (for example, lowering the multiple shades of black to one).

Also, for everyone else, an update on the sprite sheet is indeed in the works, but due to having a job, it may come out later than I originally intended. I've heard your guys' feedback considering things to fix and add, and I've been trying my best to do just that. Please be patient, I promise this update will be released soon.
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Now this...
This is beautiful. Really loving your work on these tilesets, dude! Seriously, they get better and better with each update!