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[DL] Custom Airship/Tank Tileset By: PROX
You guessed it, another remake of a tileset I made before. This one took a very long time to make. It's pretty expansive, and comes with animated tank wheels, propellers, and big and small cannons.
Downloads: 2
Added: 07/07/22
[DL] Thwomp Temple Ruins Tileset w/ Thwomps By: PROX
I based this design off of MK8's Thwomp Ruins track. I'm aware that someone else did this as well, but I decided to add my own spin on it. I did make an older version of this, but it didn't hold up, so I decided to redo it. I really like ...
Downloads: 523
Added: 05/30/22
[DL] Custom Phanto Temple Background By: PROX
I didn't include it with the tileset I made, so I decided to post it here. This background is a parallax background with 3 layers.

The tileset that this goes with is here:¶m=02&c=1&id=36391
Downloads: 437
Added: 05/17/22
[DL] Custom Piranha Plants By: PROX
I tried my hand at making some. The fire traps were the hardest to make.
Downloads: 288
Added: 05/08/22
[DL] Custom Fuzzies By: PROX
A unique style. I included all the different fuzzy types as well
Downloads: 264
Added: 05/06/22
[DL] Custom Ghost House Tileset 3 By: PROX
It's another remake! This one needed to happen. My last two were super grainy. Boo sprites were made by Ridge Troopa and Gameboy. Everything else was drawn by me.
Downloads: 225
Added: 05/01/22
[DL] Kamek's Castle Tileset (NEW) By: PROX
The new and improved version of my last one. It really needed a remake, and it got one.
Downloads: 418
Added: 04/15/22
[DL] Custom Desert Tileset By: PROX
A combination of sand and rocks
Downloads: 442
Added: 03/24/22
[DL] Custom Wood Tileset By: PROX
A wood tileset that I'm satisfied with. My other one wasn't that great.
Downloads: 386
Added: 03/24/22
[DL] Custom Multicolored Pipes By: PROX
Decided to upload these. I figured they would be useful.
Downloads: 378
Added: 03/24/22
[DL] New Custom World Map Graphics By: PROX
I didn't like my old world map anymore, so I did a graphical overhaul. This is for a project as well, but we're adding our own spin on it.
Downloads: 811
Added: 03/24/22
[DL] Volcano Tileset By: PROX
Complete with lava and animated lava bubble effects. Some unique rock formations too.
Downloads: 1133
Added: 01/19/20
[DL] Bonneton Tileset By: PROX
Really surprised to not see any other results on here.
Downloads: 1054
Added: 01/17/20
[DL] New Grassland Tileset By: PROX
Old one was looking pretty grainy, so I decided to redo it. I added some new things to it as well.
Downloads: 1205
Added: 01/13/20
[DL] Custom Cave Tileset By: PROX
I made one years ago, but it didn't withstand the test of time, so here's the new and improved version!
Downloads: 972
Added: 01/13/20
[DL] Wario's Golden Castle By: PROX, Nintendo, Starpower
A palace made out of gold and jewels for the greediest man alive! I hope the air conditioning works well!
Downloads: 1263
Added: 01/13/20
[DL] Phanto Temple By: PROX
A temple with an amazing treasure inside, but watch out! Greed has been the downfall of many! Some things should remain undisturbed!
Downloads: 813
Added: 01/13/20
[DL] Forest Tileset By: PROX
Took me 3 tries to get it right over the years, but I think it turned out rather well. There are multiple variants to choose from as well.
Downloads: 994
Added: 01/13/20
[DL] New Cheese Desert Tileset By: PROX
I made an older one some time ago, but it was bad, so here's a good one.
Downloads: 920
Added: 01/13/20
[DL] Custom World Map Graphics By: PROX
Well here we are. I just finished making all of this, and man it was time consuming.
Downloads: 2699
Added: 12/09/17
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