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Quote (Mariofan230 on Jul 6 2021, 11:32 PM)
These are some nice edits but could you please give credit to Sics and Mirann? Sics made the head of the NES Koopas that was put on the SMB3 ones here and Mirann (SMWCentral/Hello Mario Engine) made the SMB3 Climbing Koopas.

I actually sprited the head of the Koopa myself I promise, but I didn't know about the SMB3 climbing Koopa, I'll update the description to credit them. Sorry, and thanks!
Oct 17 2016, 6:16 PM See Page
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it ending in an error is part of the joke
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It's always so weird to see my old slapdash reshade jobs used in earnest, but I mean who am I to complain?

Jesus, it just set in that I made them almost seven years ago. Where does the time go?
Aug 8 2010, 4:33 PM See Page
Why so serious?
Aug 3 2010, 7:47 PM See Page
It's supposed to be a combination of all the ways I described the parts of this simply impossibly great game.
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Astounding. I just submitted a review stating my full thoughts on this life changing game.
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Quote (jakeroo123 on Jun 13 2010, 3:22 PM)
could you make a full sheet of luigi?

probably will eventually
May 22 2010, 2:09 PM See Page
Nice, I noticed that game list was getting a bit outdated.
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Quote (nicki999 on May 3 2010, 5:32 PM)
Hm, nice little sheet. Wow, Nintendo took a lot from this game...

I'd say, they took the game, changed a few sprites, and called it a day. Although did you know Miyamoto helped make Doki Doki Panic?
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Quote (VinnyVideo on Apr 26 2010, 10:26 PM)
Did anyone realize there's profanity in this game? I've never seen a game on the MFGG main site with bad words, and I'm very surprised the Site Staff would accept this game. In addition, the game itself isn't very high-quality.

I've seen a couple fangames with cursing in them.
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I was just making something just like this, only in Mario Party Advance style.
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Quote (Lockout on Sep 13 2009, 10:45 PM)
What's with censoring 'soveryhappy'? :/

you mean the one with his mouth open and looking shocked? thats :scream:
edit: OOOOOH, see the poorly drawn smiley? thats sovery****y
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BTW credit to whoever did sovery****y for it, I just recolored it.
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Aug 13 2009, 3:27 PM See Page
Quote (Zero Kirby on Aug 13 2009, 4:43 AM)
Because it would be abused to hell and back.

I know. If there was a way for it to only be for reviews of Paper Mario World, that would be OK I guess, but I'm guessing theres not.
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Quote (ShadowLuigi64 on Aug 12 2009, 11:59 AM)
How long does approval take? I've submitted my first game, sprite sheet, and tileset evar, but they've been queued since last wednessday.

It could take a week or two for sheets, and even longer for games. BTW try using proper English plz. (Yes I kinda contradicted myself with that last sentence, sue me.)
Aug 11 2009, 1:50 PM See Page
Bring back quality control. All I can say about the sprites in this update.
Aug 7 2009, 4:45 PM See Page
Beat it 100%. That secret boss is epic.
Aug 3 2009, 6:37 PM See Page
Hi CBL, its me, MONEYMAN. Nice sprites, although I still think you should finish the Subpops.
Jul 31 2009, 2:05 AM See Page
This is the third game like this you made, but it looks like the best of the three!
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