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Game Reviewed Typical Mario Game, by Hypernova
Review Author Zero99i
Created Dec 9 2012, 8:41 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I was a big fan of Hello's previous games. Today the engine is his major problem, so I didn't expect anything special from this game. But what came to Supernova's mind is just fantastic! But as I said, Hello's engine isn't very and this game has also glitches and bugs.
Pros Passable graphics
Average music and sounds
Nice bosses
New Powerups
New Enemies
Cons Bad engine
Overused sprites
Only average leveldesign
Level 1-1 music
7 / 10
You can feel the bad engine in almost every part of the game. The good thing is that the level design is perfect for the limited engine. There are no parts for a buggy hill sliding or picking up a lagging shell.
8 / 10
In the first three levels, you only see boring SMB1 graphics. But later in the game there are some really nice graphics and sprites you have never seen before.
7 / 10
The sound is on a typical fangame niveau. In the first level you hear the overplayed classic Mario theme. As above the sound quality increases later in the game,
5 / 10
The game has few replay value, but who expects this in a classic platformer. Some of the levels are as good designed so that you may want to play it again and again.
Final Words
8 / 10
"Typical Mario Game" is a good designed fangame with incredible creative ideas. Don't be deterred by its title or its engine, it's worth playing.

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