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A Farewell to VinnyVideo
Feb 13 2019, 3:43 AM

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Farewell Vinny!

VinnyVideo, whom has been a staffer on MFGG for over 7 years now, has finally decided to step down and pursue greater things in life. I know the feeling, as MFGG has become far less of a focal point for quite some time now, and even now as I barely log into check up on the community side of things, I still do main site stuff for the jolly goodness of it.

But VinnyVideo did far more than just check up on the community! Oh yes yes, he was essentially top admin for a few years, mainly after Guinea similarly stepped down a little while back. Vinny kept track of all ongoing things on the site, from the forums and our beloved main site, to even the Wiki and our official Discord! Prior to the official Discord, Vinny even engaged in the other unofficial outings of the community, including my old Skype group that dated back to ye olden year of 2012! Such were simpler times...

So, while we may wish Vinny a fond farewell, don't forget that he was piloting this ship for quite some time now. If you've been on this site in any active capacity between 2012 and now, odds are Vinny was the one doing a good chunk of the work around here. Not to discredit any of our other staff, past and present - it's just the man was such a workaholic! He was quite an active tech admin too, so he did a lot of behind the scenes junk as well.

So with all said and done, let's wish Vinny a pleasant future looking forward, and assure him that even without his guidance, MFGG will press on and be as good a site as it can be! Here's to looking forward! :)

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Of course, it's worth noting Vinny will still be semi-active on the site as a regular old tech admin, but that's the extent of his powers now. But still!
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Feb 5 2019, 2:26 AM

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Happy Lunar New Year! Which can be also referred as Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, and many other names I might've missed from my radar.

Anyways, here are the updates of the week.

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