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Game Reviewed Super Mario Gunman, by FunkMaster
Review Author Vitiman
Created May 19 2016, 5:13 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I love it when fangames just go off the rails, more or less. By that I mean when they do stupid, almost logic-defying things to tread new grounds and instate a standard of fun and quality for the games to follow it.

Unfortunately, as wacky and admittedly amusing as Super Mario Gunman is, it lacks the "instate a standard of fun and quality for the games to follow it" part.
Pros Interesting graphic style
Shooting works alright
Cons Game locks cursor to game window during level
No clear way to dodge attacks considering... you're a cursor
Outstandingly bland
2 / 10
Not much can really be said of Gunman's gameplay that I didn't already summarize in the Pros and Cons, but I'll try. Basically, you shoot. That's about it. HOWEVER, sometimes enemies explode, or the bosses shoot things at you - now you're probably thinking, "wait, I play as a cursor, how in god's name am I supposed to dodge that sorta thing?" and the simple answer is: you can't. Well, not any way I can figure out. Sometimes it hits, sometimes it doesn't. I initially thought maybe you had to dodge the attacks from touching the cursor itself, which would have been an obnoxious design choice but at least it's a clear one.

Yeeeeah... nope. That didn't work. Still got hit randomly. Very finicky, and gave up after my second attempt at the first boss. Considering this is a demo, I don't think much else was going to follow that. Aside from that, enemy variety was almost nonexistent - it was goombas all the way down (as opposed to turtles), and sometimes there would be a goomba that'd come on screen and explode, but that's about it.
3 / 10
Ugly stretching, wonky low resolution palette as a result, it's all here and then some! That said, I do like the goomba sprites, which appear to be from the Super Mario World 64 bootleg off the ol' Genesis (or maybe it was just Super Mario World and SMW64 was a different bootleg). More people need to use the graphics from that game, they're surprisingly not bad at all!

But other than that, it's just really underwhelmingly bad. That- that's not a word? Underwhelmingly? But overwhelmingly is? What? That's stupid, there's no reason it shouldn't be a word. You know what? Now it is. Underwhelmingly is now a word. Get used to it.
2 / 10
Was I really expecting anything great here? Not particularly, and to be fair it didn't really exceed my expectations nor did it crush them, it was about 1:1 on point and that's as much as I can ask for with old fangames and music and sound-y things.

The alarm and the hilariously crude "WARNING, BOSS IS HERE" text made me laugh, though. See? Even the lousier fangames from this era still manage to have some charm here and there, it's just a matter of "where" and "why"!
1 / 10
Demo? Check. Dull as a sock of racks? Check check. Confusing and easy to die? Well, boss only really, but still check.

Nope. Just nope.
Final Words
2 / 10
Super Mario Gunman is an overly ambitious idea that was executed so hastily that I wonder what the point even was. It's a demo to a finished project that never was, so you're not going to miss out on much here in not playing it except maybe the amusing "WARNING" text that flashes prior to a boss.


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