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[DL] Edited Goombas By: TalkinToonyBox
Here is another sheet on goombas from many different Mario games. Aldo please credit
Downloads: 250
Added: 06/25/22
[DL] A simple goomba in my style By: TalkinToonyBox
Just 3 frames of a goomba, it was done fairly quickly and you can use them for some stuff just give credit
Downloads: 393
Added: 05/16/22
[DL] 16-bit mario By: TalkinToonyBox
Again idk, just worked on this for awhile, and the palette will come out on my next upload
Downloads: 776
Added: 03/16/22
[DL] Edited small SMB sprite By: TalkinToonyBox
Idk, some mario sprites, you can use them for pretty much anything if you want, just credit me, ttb
Downloads: 865
Added: 01/24/22
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