Jan 28 2021, 11:37 PM

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The votes are closed and the results are finally revealed!

Congratulations to everyone who won!

Oh yeah, it's been a while since we last posted the updates too, so...

Recent Additions
ShyGuys and Snifits (Super Mario World Style) By ShyGuyProductions
alex kidd smw style By nicoluigi
penguin mario_style SMB2 snes By Jose the cat
SMB2-SMAS Boomerang mario By ApolosGamer
SMB1 Hiyoihoi - Dream Recreation By Mariofan230
Full SMW palette By Ivan Garcia
Quint (Super Mario Maker Style) By DStar99
Kunio & Riki (Super Mario Maker style) By DStar99
Protoman and Breakman (Super Mario Maker Style) By DStar99
Custom Athletic Tileset By KesterTank
Kritter&blue Kritter By dracoaftonyoshi
SMAS SMB1 (But in NES 8-bit Version) By SuperDaltonMaker
Larry as Player (SMW Style) Version 2.0 By JosueCr4ft
Love/Dream Bubble (Super Mario Bros. 3 Style) By DStar99
Goombule and Spike Blob (Super Mario Bros. 3 Style) By DStar99
Koopeleon (Super Mario Bros. 3 Style) By DStar99
Bowser Memories M & L (Super Mario Maker Style) By DStar99
Broque Monsieur (Super Mario Maker Style) By DStar99
Starlow (Super Mario Bros. 3 SNES/NES Style) By DStar99
Lakitufo (Super Mario Bros. 3 Style) By DStar99
New Donk City Citizens (Unused Concept Design, Pixelated) By DStar99
Wario and Waluigi on NES SMB1 Style By SuperDaltonMaker
Princess Peach and Toad in SMB1 Ver. By SuperDaltonMaker
P-Balloon in SMM2 Sprites By RaccoonMario371
Classic Daisy and Toadette (in SMB Various Ver.) By SuperDaltonMaker
MarioFan's Miscellaneous Sprites By Mariofan230
Peepa By OmegaF.
Another mini tileset By CuriosityToad
P-Balloon in SMM2 Sprites II By RaccoonMario371
Custom Shellcreeper By DrZuplow
simple text box engine By Friendly Dictator

Wow, that's a lot.
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