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BM44 thanks for the comment

hdtv, Wow thanks for the feedback really appreciate it, means a lot to me. I took some of the feedback you gave and have attempted to update the submission today not sure if it can be updated.

-Added more porcupuffer frames to SMW to make it more consistent with SMB1 and SMB3
-Changed the SMB3 boo block
-Changed the eyes of Stinby SMB1
-Changed the eyes of pokey for SMB1
-Changed the eyes of hot head for SMB1
-Changed buster blocks for SMB1 and SMB3 to keep it consistent within their own game world

I also added a bit more text and numbers to help explain some of the sequences of frames regarding the sprites.

Also some of the Koopalings needed a major fix with some of their hands on the clown cars. Though those clown cars with the koopalings inside should be replaced by the clown car parts.

Thanks hdtv I am really grateful for the feedback.

Q-Nova thanks for the comment, I hope these sprites help in some way, maybe they can help create new enemy boss fights in SMB1, SMB3 & SMW. Koopalings bosses in SMB1 would be great, I wish they could be included in Mario Maker 2.

EvilYoshiToes- Thanks, it means a lot to me that you like some of these sprites, yeah the Piranha Petey for SMB3 and SMB1 don't really fit the style I am sorry for that. The petey I made for SMW would need a major change to fit the art style of SMB1 and SMB3, this project has already taken a very long time.

If my update passes this will probably be my final update for this enemy sprite sheet. I hope these enemies can help others when they make new levels and new ideas for these older mario games.

There are some mario level backgrounds that I would like to upload in the future to MFGG that I also started because of mario maker 2, hope I can add them at some point.

Thanks kind regards