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[DL] Waluigi Land tiles and sprites By: Ultramario
The collection of custom tiles and sprites used in Waluigi Land.
Downloads: 2283
Added: 08/24/15
[DL] Some enlarged SMW/SMB3 enemies By: Ultramario
Sheet containing enlarged Thwomp, Thwimp, Buzzy Beetle, Spiny, Grinder and Podoboo from SMW and Firesnake from SMB3.
Downloads: 4011
Added: 08/24/15
[DL] Random Mario Golf:AT stuff By: Ultramario
Title says it all.
Downloads: 2920
Added: 06/27/07
[DL] Complete SMW Background rip By: Ultramario
A complete rip of Super Mario World backgrounds.

There's a total of 80.
Downloads: 6810
Added: 06/21/07
[DL] Custom Bullet Bills By: Ultramario
A punch of custom made Bullet Bills, Banzai Bills and Torpedo Teds, handmade by ultramario. Official sprites used as references.
Downloads: 3648
Added: 01/13/07
[DL] Custom Blocks By: ultramario
A great set of custom blocks by ultramario.
Downloads: 2877
Added: 09/10/06
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