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Quote (Slebest_Dev on Jan 20 2021, 5:49 PM)
A mac version please ?

What i'm using to create the game does't support mac. Try WINE.
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Wow, this got accepted a lot faster than I thought it would! Nice!
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Quote (funmaker on Feb 27 2019, 12:56 PM)
Xdelta? i thought that was purely for .NDS files

Patchers don't really work that way... They can't be file type specific if that's what you're trying to say. They find the differences between two files and creates a file that stores those differences.
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Quote (TheHappyFaceKing on May 2 2016, 12:55 PM)
The program i used to make the game doesn't have controller support. Sorry, try using some kind of device that presses a key when you press a button on your controller. Like for example the 3 in 1 Magic joy box and Joy2Key.
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Quote (TheHappyFaceKing on Mar 29 2016, 9:49 PM)
Actually its a Scratch Game converted into a Flash game. "Why?" Because I don't know how to program exe or swf. I consider scratch one of the easiest programming languages.
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Quote (EpicCoder64 on Oct 27 2016, 2:15 AM)

I wouldn't call it a remake anyway. This is different enough from the real game. I have Super Mario Advance 4 and, and besides the graphics, the original version and this have big differences (kicking shells, Toad and Luigi in single player, the music box, etc.)

Remake definition: make (something) again or ""differently"".
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I just want to say that the game is meant to be played in 340x480 res but it doesn't because browser's play by there own rule's.
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Quote (idonthaveanamedude on Aug 30 2016, 2:33 PM)
whenever i open this its not a game
just a white screen

Try waiting a few minutes. Also what browser are you useing?
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For some reason v5.0 wasnt uploaded, so when you download it, it will still be v4.0. I'll fix this later.
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May I ask what program you used to rip this please?
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Quote (Giantfirering27 on May 1 2016, 2:51 AM)
Do you think it would be possible to add Controller support? Because (From experience) Sharing a Keyboard can be kinda awkward.

The program i used to make the games doesn't have controller support. Sorry, try using some kind of device that presses a key when you press a button on your controller. Like for example the 3 in 1 Magic joy box and Joy2Key.
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Quote (Nite Shadow on Apr 13 2016, 3:49 AM)
Sorry for the cherry-pick here, but I just now spotted this part.

The game's engine is what makes everything run, makes the enemies and player move, and stuff like that.

When we refer to an engine copy, we are talking about taking one of the pre-made engines that are available, and just using that, whilst casting your own scripting to the wayside.
These are what are often frowned upon.

A remake, as you did. doesn't necessarily do this.
(well, it can, easily, but it doesn't have to)
Near as I can tell, what you did was make the game's engine, from the ground-up.
In this situation, even though you are recreating a game which already exists, YOU are still doing all the work. much like with a piece of fan-art.
Would you consider Scratch ( as a game engine?
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Quote (Nite Shadow on Apr 3 2016, 11:52 PM)
What you are thinking of are direct engine copies.
For example, if you were to use Hello Engine, and only used the level editor to make a game with it,
You would likely have your game poorly criticized.

Recreating a game is another story:
You are still creating the engine from the ground-up, and programming all the features yourself. although you are using an existing game as a template, all the work is still done by you.

This game uses an engine i created. EDIT: I think... I'm not 100% sure of the definition of a game engine
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Oh yeah and the Problem with Mario not moving is 100% a bug with the Ducking not that the controls are unresponsive.
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For anyone who doesn't know this game gets updated every once in awhile.
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Trust me, All these physic's problems may simply the resault of Lag your Computer may be having. If not you can simply report to me what's wrong with the physics and what I need to fix. About Toad not having a Special Power, I am giving Toad a Special Power as we speak. (Remember I said "for now") And the 1up if you fell it take's too long to Spawn i can fix that.
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How Bout we just drop this.
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Quote (Somari64 on Apr 1 2016, 3:48 PM)
In response to the whole "remakes aren't allowed on MFGG" subject: it's usually preferred that you make something original, but remakes aren't outright prohibited. Look at the remake of Super Mario Bros., called Super Mario Bros. +, made by Ken Martin (now known as SilentDream). No, it's not the best Mario remake out there, but that's the only example I can think of in terms of remakes featured on this site (and by that, I mean actual remakes, not shovelware games claiming to be remakes).
Ok well I'm not changing this to an original game unless I'm told to by admin's or mod's
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Quote (Willsaber on Apr 1 2016, 5:42 AM)
I am 100% sure MFGG does not blanketly show disdain for direct remakes of games. There are pretty much only three active members that even care (you being by far the most vocal). Even then, it has nothing to do with legality.
I think they Normally go after remakes that are and may become better than the original
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Quote (TheTwelfthRocket on Mar 31 2016, 9:00 PM)
A remake?


Something wrong?
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