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Super Mario Land 2 SFX (WAV) By: Ecxelior
WAV This includes sound effects and other finite sounds from Super Mario Land 2. I recorded, edited and compiled these all myself. I played through the entire game to get these, so feel free to let me know if there are any sounds you believe I may have missed.
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Added: 10/07/12
Sonic Jam 6 Music Pack By: lolman331 [W]
WAV Sonic Jam 6, is HELL of a horrible pirate game made for the Sega Genesis but infact, these music are from Super Mario Bros. and sound a bit catchy.
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Added: 10/02/12
Wario Land - Super Mario Land 3 SFX (WAV) By: Ecxelior
WAV I recorded, edited, and compiled these all for myself and figured since I went through all of the effort I might as well share.

This includes most sound effects from the game, but not all.
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Added: 09/28/12
Super Mario Galaxy - Major Burrows sounds By: smithuser
WAV That annoying overgrown Undergrunt from Galaxy has a sound pack, and I ripped it, and crammed it into MFGG!

I didn't like having to get rid of him, he can be a pain to catch up to.
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Added: 09/25/12
New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Mario Bros. and NPC voices By: smithuser
WAV Most, if not all, of the voices of Mario, Luigi, Bowser Jr., Bowser, Kamek, and Peach.

Give credit to me. Mario and Luigi took a while!
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Added: 09/16/12
Bouldergeist Sounds By: smithuser
WAV As requested by Aso-Designer, I uploaded the Bouldergeist sounds.

Honestly, I didn't like fighting him in the Daredevil run in Galaxy 1. I would die alot.

I already ripped all the sounds in Galaxy 2 a while ago, though, but ...
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Added: 09/15/12
Various Underground MIDI Remasters By: Hypernova [W]
OGG Three oggs in High Quality. Two from Super Mario RPG and one from the infamous SMB underground REMIX. Credits to the original midi authors from VGMusic.
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Added: 09/07/12
The Fortified Stronghold By: MC Jimmy [E] [W]
OGG Just an old song I created in 2009. This is my take on the Castle Theme from Super Mario World. It has some stringed instruments I recorded in it, that I used as sound fonts, sound effects I recorded, such as the door, as well as some guitar at one point. ...
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Added: 09/02/12
Super Mario Advance SFX By: GBA64TCZ [E] [W]
WAV This is stuff that I ripped years ago but never did much with. So there ya go.
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Added: 08/20/12
New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Koopaling Voices By: smithuser
WAV This is all of the Koopaling voices in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Aftera while of ripping them out of the .brsar, I finally have them uploaded to MFGG. I will add NPC voices next.
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Added: 08/20/12
Super Mario Medley By: MC Jimmy [E] [W]
OGG A short loop that combines various Mario game songs from Super Mario Bros. 1 all the way to Super Mario World in a demixed remix. Created in FamiTracker and utilizes the MMC5 chip.
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Added: 08/03/12
New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Yellow and Blue Toad Voices By: smithuser
WAV These are the voices for Yellow Toad and Blue Toad from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, ripped straight out of the .brsar.

I give credit to Agentter on YouTube for telling me how to rip them. (He ripped Starman map screen music.)

Anyways ...
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Added: 08/01/12
Mario Picross Music Rips By: Double Agent Luigifan [W]
WAV Yeah, here's a whole bunch of music clips from Mario Picross.
So enjoy and whatever blah blah.

~Luigifan64, It's Magic
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Added: 05/23/12
Wario's Woods NES Lesson Mode By: jimmylampkin [E]
MIDI This is the song from the NES version of Wario's Woods when you select lesson mode. Please enjoy. If you like, you can check out my YouTube Channel for this and non-Mario music.(Jimster3ds)
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Added: 04/18/12
Mario Tennis (N64) - Luigi Voice Clips By: insertcoolnamehere2133
WAV All of Luigi's voice clips from Mario Tennis on N64. I couldn't find these anywhere else on the internet so I decided to rip some by myself. No credit needed.
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Added: 04/10/12
New Super Mario Bros DS Soundtrack MIDI By: Double Agent Luigifan [W]
MIDI OK, another rip, from your favorite ripper, Luigifan64!
This time, I've ripped almost all of your favorite tunes from NSMB DS. And best of all, it's in MIDI format!

Firstly, give credit to me(Luigifan64)for ripping it, and Nintendo ...
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Added: 04/06/12
Mario Party DS MIDI Soundtrack! By: Double Agent Luigifan [W]
MIDI Here's a another sound rip, from your awesome freind, Luigifan64! This time, I've ripped all the songs from Mario Party DS, in MIDI format!
OK, I don't know all the names for the songs, so i kinda guessed. Some sounds could not make ...
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Added: 04/05/12
Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! Some More Sound Rips By: Double Agent Luigifan [W]
MIDI Hello!
Here are some MORE MVDK:MLM sound rips!
Once again, i haven't played the game yet, i have a rom of it, and i will play it soon.
It includes sound effects and backround music in MIDI format.

About to ...
Downloads: 1737 Comments: 3 [NEW]  
Added: 03/18/12
Mario VS DK Minis March Stream Music Rips By: Double Agent Luigifan [W]
MIDI Hello,
this is my VERY FIRST sound rip.
It includes three songs, plus i NEVER played this game, but only the sequel,
so can someone tell me what they're called in the comments!
Thanks in advance.
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Added: 03/16/12
Super Mario Bros. 8+16 Bit Underground Theme By: Dixiklo [E] [W]
OGG I recently saw a video from JD3 with Mario, and you could hear the 8 Bit theme put together with the 16 Bit one.
So I just had to make this. The difficulty was to sync the rythms, what was quite hard actually.

* Mono
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Added: 03/16/12
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