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[DL] Huey In Super Mario World By: hdtv
Huey from Paper Mario Color Splash is now in the Super Mario World!
Downloads: 518
Added: 04/30/20
[DL] New Super Mario Bros - ALATIDNWTE - MARIO By: hdtv
The sprites of Mario used in my new game, New Super Mario Bros - ALATIDNWTE!
The moveset is a mix between Super Mario Odyssey and New Super Mario Bro Wii/U.
Downloads: 978
Added: 04/25/20
[DL] Super Mario Maker 2 Super Mario World link By: hdtv
Link for Super Mario World!
Um... How is... staying inside all day?
Well have a good day and don't die!
Downloads: 1049
Added: 03/25/20
[DL] Creeper in the Style of SMM and SMM2 By: hdtv
CREEPER AW MAN!!!!1!!11one!!1!!won1!
I'm keeping the amiibo sprites because why not, but I'm not doing the 3D sprites because I not that good at this.
I might do more Minecraft but IDK.
Downloads: 1099
Added: 01/21/20
[DL] Super Mario Bros Yoshi By: hdtv
This is the same as last time, but with the SMB Yoshi Art.

So, um... do you peoples have any... New Year's resolutions?
Downloads: 1394
Added: 01/04/20
[DL] Super Mario Bros 3 Yoshi By: hdtv
If SMB3 came out before SMW, wouldn't SMB3 Yoshi look like beta SMW Yoshi since that design is older? Well, that how I made him look.
125scratch for the SMB3 Mario rip
AwesomeZack for the SMW Yoshi rip and the SMA2 SMW Luigi ...
Downloads: 1299
Added: 12/30/19
[DL] NES and GB Luigis By: hdtv
Not a SMM sheet. Just some Luigis I've been working on. Has SMB, SMB3, SML, and SML2.

This is my 49th submission and my 50th will be something special. (Which is way I haven't been so active recently.) Try looking in the game section ...
Downloads: 1664
Added: 06/10/19
[DL] SMB3 Skinny/Lengthy/Weird Mario and Luigi By: hdtv
What am I supposed to call them?
Downloads: 1105
Added: 03/27/19
[DL] SMM Bomb Shell Koopa By: hdtv
Mario was walking in SML2 Color and then he picked up a Koopa. He was never seen again.
The styles are:
-SMB (Original and SMM colored. Comes with amiibo var.)
-SMB3(Original and SMM colored too.)
-SMB2 ...
Downloads: 1690
Added: 03/05/19
[DL] SMM Amp By: hdtv
Mario wanted to relive his GameBoy times until he tried to get past some unfairly placed Amps.
This sheet includes:
-SMB (Normal and SMM colored. Also has the amiibo var.)
-SMB3 (Also has normal and SMM colored.)
Downloads: 1341
Added: 03/01/19
[DL] A Luigi Bros Super Sheet By: hdtv
Or a Super Luigi Bros Sheet... oh wait, Super Luigi Bros is already a thing.
The font used in the thumbnail was made by Wario Bros.
I hope you like it.
Downloads: 1804
Added: 02/26/19
[DL] SMM2 Objects By: hdtv
It isn't all of them.
I'm missing the redish SMW pipe, the SMB3 10 coin, and the SMB airship slope.
Downloads: 2045
Added: 02/14/19
[DL] Simple Mario World By: hdtv
Simple. Simple. Simple.
Downloads: 1697
Added: 02/14/19
[DL] SMM Goal Rings By: hdtv
Has anyone played the the challenges in NSMBUD? I thought they were fun, so I made them in Mario Maker.
It is in:
I think ...
Downloads: 1442
Added: 02/12/19
[DL] SMM SMB1 Jungle/Forest By: hdtv
I think this one looks a little, off.
Downloads: 1214
Added: 02/08/19
[DL] SMM SMB1 Ice/Snow Land By: hdtv
Cool... right? \_(ツ)_/
Downloads: 1247
Added: 02/06/19
[DL] SMM SMB1 Beach By: hdtv
This is a thing too.
Downloads: 1324
Added: 02/06/19
[DL] SMM SMB1 Lava Land By: hdtv
This is a thing.
Downloads: 1298
Added: 02/06/19
[DL] SMB1 Enemies and More! By: hdtv
Includes enemies and others from SMB2, SMB3, SMW, SM64, and SMM (but there's only one thing from SMM). I hope you have a good day (or night, IDK when you are looking at this).
Downloads: 2210
Added: 01/25/19
[DL] Mario GG By: hdtv
Mario hops onto SEGA's 8 bit console.
Downloads: 1436
Added: 01/14/19
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