Hello old fans and newcomers!

Another year passes and Midas Machine is still not released. We're hard at work to get the game done, but were stuck in real-life nuisances like education and jobs most of this year, and with a project as big as this you never know when higher priorities strike.

But, especially if you are not familiar with Midas Machine, you can download a demo from MFGG and check out our screenshots and a selection of music composed specifically for Midas Machine!

The Midas Machine team thanks you for your continued support throughout the years, without you we would certainly not have the motivation to finish it! Please play and leave us feedback at the forums or at the MFGG Mainsite in the form of reviews!

Guinea and Chaoxys

2013 Trailer

Welcome to the official NCFC booth for Super Mario Bros. & The Midas Machine! Let's clear the most important questions for you!

What Is Midas Machine?

Super Mario Bros. & The Midas Machine (or in short just Midas Machine), originally MFGG's community fangame project, is now run by Chaoxys (graphics, level design) and Guinea (programming). The goal is to create a quite large game using only 100% custom graphics, music and programming.

The team is assisted by an on-and-off cast of helpers, usually our musicians. If you have seen our trailer last year, you know what to expect and we have still improved a lot of things.

This year, we will show you a new trailer, but there will not be a new demo. This is because preparing a new demo is very time consuming, and we need all the time we can get to finally finish this game. The good news coming with this is, that you can expect the full version to launch some time during the coming year.

What Makes It Different?

While we're trying to recreate a typical Mario experience for which we all love Nintendo, this game is not supposed to be simply a "remake" or "just another fangame". We tell you what makes this game unique in this section.

The Characters

This game has from the beginning been designed to support four different characters: Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi. Each character has his strengths and weaknesses and also a special ability. These individual treats allow the characters to take different paths through the levels and make the same level a different experience for each character.

On top of this, we introduced a new helper character last year: Takko! Takko is the flying octopus plant equivalent of Yoshi, in that it is a faithful companion, who can help you with longer jumps and depending on which fruit it eats, it can also become dangerous for your enemies! Read more about Takko on the Characters page.

The Music

You could say Midas Machine is the Super Smash Bros. Brawl of fangaming when it comes to the musical score. The best musicians from MFGG came together and composed both remixes of classic Mario titles and completely original pieces. Even if you are not a fan of Mario gameplay, it's worth playing this game for the music alone!

The Graphics

The Midas Machine style holds true to the designs created by Nintendo while still giving them some original touches. Fitting to the Mario series, the style is bright, cheerful, and cartoony. Everything you see in this game is 100% custom sprited by MFGG's ace spriter, Chaoxys.

The Story

This is the story of two villains who unite their obsessions with power and gold to bring chaos over the Mushroom Kingdom. The power of a mysterious artifact from an ancient culture is harnessed using a modern machine. The Mario Bros. and Wario Bros. join forces, although having different motivations. Will that be an issue in the end?

The Gadd DSe

A handheld system filled with all kinds of useful world-saving utilities, developed by the one and only greatest scientist in the Mushroom Kingdom, Professor Elvin Gadd. It serves as a pause menu, communication interface, item selector and camera. More applications are developed for the system as you are reading this.