Top 10 Games of 2011
Psycho Waluigi By: Thunder Dragon [W]
After suffering a massive bump to the head, Waluigi wakes up in a strange, new land… only to discover that he now has psychic powers!

From the creator of Toad Strikes Back (and MFGG) comes an all-new platformer that takes the tried and true ...
Downloads: 150621 Comments: 78 [NEW] Score: 9.8 / 10
Added: 10/31/11
Mario Bros - Just For Fun: Super Battle Bros By: Miles [W]
Having not been bothered by any sort of villain for a while, the Mario Brothers have been a bit bored. They, along with a mysterious clone of Luigi, are not really up for normal sports, so they decide to do something a bit different - fight!

Downloads: 6974 Comments: 50 [NEW] Score: 9.6 / 10
Added: 07/19/11
Toad's Adventure - Chapter 1 By: sonicmario544
Toad's Adventure v 1.3 includes:
Intro Story
2 levels
Mini boss
Big boss


UPDATE (9.24.16)
Check out the next version of the game here: ...
Downloads: 5413 Comments: 19 [NEW] Score: 9.3 / 10
Added: 07/18/11
MFGG 10th Anniversary Time Capsule By: Thunder Dragon, Kritter, DJ Yoshiman, ShadowMan, Klobber, RII [W]
July 9th, 2011 – ten years after MFGG was founded in 2001, we take a look back on what fangames were like back then…

This compilation contains 11 games from the early days of MFGG, made by MFGG veterans, but ultimately never completed. Some ...
Downloads: 6769 Comments: 80 [NEW] Score: 8.7 / 10
Added: 07/06/11
Kamek's Halloween By: Friendly Dictator [E] [W]
Happy Halloween!
You are Kamek.
It`s that time of year again.
Those stupid trick-or-treaters are trying to invade your home and steal all of your candy!
Aim with the mouse and LEFT-CLICK to shoot magic.
RIGHT-CLICK on an item ...
Downloads: 1671 Comments: 15 [NEW] Score: 9 / 10
Added: 10/21/11
Revenge of the Walrus By: VinnyVideo [E] [W]
Mario has been kidnapped by a gang of militant walruses and transported to a psychiatric prison. He must escape and figure out why these strange events are happening! This platformer boasts over 30 one-of-a-kind levels, high-quality Ogg Vorbis music, ...
Downloads: 5278 Comments: 29 [NEW] Score: 8.5 / 10
Added: 12/21/11
Bloop Rinse By: Puddin Fangaming [W]
Welcome to Bloop Rinse! In this game, you star as a Blooper, and your goal is to knock into as many Marios as possible. Sounds simple enough... if you think you are capable of defeating an ever-spawning army of Marios!

Move your Blooper with ...
Downloads: 1596 Comments: 25 [NEW] Score: 8.3 / 10
Added: 07/20/11
Paper Bowser World 3 By: toodles_team
Bowser returns in a new adventure! Tired of trying to be a hero in his past adventures, Bowser sets off to kidnap Princess Peach and restore his villainous reputation. But when he meets the mysterious and annoying MC Ballyhoo it quickly becomes clear ...
Downloads: 6516 Comments: 24 [NEW] Score: 7.4 / 10
Added: 08/11/11
The Skies of Darkworld By: Nite Shadow [E]
Runner up in MGC #8: the sky

Mouse: move cross hair
left click:normal fire
Right click: Charge flamethrower
Middle click: ready flamethrower
Middle+left click: Fire flamethrower

F4: fullscreen
Downloads: 6516 Comments: 9 [NEW] Score: 8 / 10
Added: 08/11/11
Lights Out Luigi By: superbowser
This was my entry for MGC #4. The theme was that the game had to use the mouse as the only controller.

The objective is to shine your flashlight on the boos by moving the mouse up and down and then click them with the left mouse button to ...
Downloads: 6152 Comments: 37 [NEW] Score: 7.5 / 10
Added: 05/23/11